Tourism Melaka, the official tourism site for the Malaysian city, is a large, informative website full of information on the city's hotels, attractions, things to do, history, transportation, and shopping.  Upon entering the site, you are greeted by Melaka's official mascot, a mouse-like creature wearing a baseball hat, who invites you explore all that they city has to offer. 

When you click on the link for Melaka's history, you learn that the city is the place where Malaysia's history began with its ancient warriors and elegant palaces.  Explore a bit further and you will find news articles about the city, written by locals, as well as many beautiful photos.  The site's directories include listings for popular city restaurants, stores, car rentals, hotels, tours and excursions, and other services such as medical care and flower arrangements. 

The Tourism Melaka site also has visitor reviews and emergency information for travelers.  If you would like to contact the Tourism Board with further questions click on the Contact button on the site's homepage.

Another helpful source of information for Melaka tourism can be found directly on the Official site of Tourism Malaysia, more commonly known as  Malaysia Truely Asia.