There are plenty of sports activities for travelers to take advantage of during their stay in Huntsville .  One of the most popular of these is golf, an activity which is convenient to locate because there are five public golf courses in Huntsville in additional to the major municipal golf course.  There are also two country club golf resorts for people who have sports connections in the area.

Another popular activity is tennis.   This is even easier to find, as there are sixteen lit-up municipal courts and seventy five unlit (daytime) courts located throughout Huntsville .   There are also numerous other public and private courts.   Many of these are located at sports facilities which offer other activities such as gym equipment use and swimming pools.   There are three public community swimming pools open during the summer for visitors who want to get out of the heat.   (See for weather information.)

Travelers will also find that simply walking or biking around the area is an excellent way to get exercise and enjoy Huntsville at the same time.  There are two miles of bicycle pathways for visitors seeking to enjoy specific guided routes.  There are also more than forty five local parks where visitors can enjoy walking and rollerblading as well as pick-up games of Frisbee.