The average annual temperature in Huntsville is a moderate sixty degrees with winters being cool but not cold and summers being warm but not hot.  This makes it possible to visit the area during any time of the year and remain in relative comfort.  It rains fairly steadily throughout the year, with annual rainfall being just below sixty inches.  There is rarely snow in the area, although the months of January and February sometimes get cold enough to see rainfall.

The average winter low temperature is right around freezing point.  The average winter high temperature is in the fifties, making this a location where it is comfortable to go out during the winter days and enjoy the nature of the area.

The average summer high temperature in Huntsville is just below ninety degrees.  Summer evenings are fairly cool with the average summer low temperature usually being in the high sixties.  Humidity can make it feel warmer so visitors who abhor high temperatures may want to avoid heading to the area in July and August.

Annual climate information for Huntsville can be accessed online at and .   Updated weather information including forecast information can be obtained at and .

When to Visit

There is not a true bad time to come.  Spring offers plenty of blooming flowers and growth on trees.  Summer is warm with plenty of shade on the mountain trails or the area lakes and Tennessee River.  Fall brings the changing of leaves and cool breeze making trail riding and downtown walks a great past time- especially when they Movies in the Park events occur.  Winter is a colder time where the weather is hard to plan for.  Not the best time of the year for a visit, nature dies and there is rarely snow to cover it up.