While checking out downtown historic Huntsville, one should not miss a fantastic little coffeehouse & bar named the Kaffeeklatsch. Located off Jefferson street in downtown historic Hunstville, the "klatsch" was a find . One is able to enjoy either a great cup of coffee from virtually anywhere in the world or after dusk a cocktail in the entertaining bar area. The aroma of fresh coffee beans permeates the place.  After dark, the place filled up with people from all walks of life including engineers, lawyers and even a real rocket scientist ! (Huntsville has a NASA facility near by)

The Klatsch is a friendly place that is full of life and is just what a weary traveler needs at the end of a day of sightseeing.  This particular evening the place was full of friendly faces and the entertainment was quite extraordinary. The Kaffeeklatsch and downtown Huntsville in general are quite charming. Having traveled much of the world myself, it is nice to see local establishments like this still exist and thrive. If you find yourself wanting a truly great cup of coffee from some where like Jamaica or a good cold beer in the evening,  try the Kaffeeklatsch located in downtown Huntsville Alabama. You can't go wrong with this choice when your visiting Huntsville.