Tourists should be beware of fake Rajsthani item shops posing as Government Emporiums.

If you hire a cab for a full day sightseeing, chances are that at some point of time during the sightseeing the driver of your cab (on the pretext of reasonable and cheap shopping) will take you to these so called Government Emporiums displaying names that appear to be government corporations/agencies (Textile Corporation, Shilp Gramodhyog etc).

In-fact they sell Rajsthani items like handicrafts, quilts, slippers, jewellery, etc at very high prices and the driver gets a commission out of your purchases.

If you ask them to show any document to support their claim of being a government shop, they rather than showing any proof, will continue to try to convince you and fleece you.

So do not trust a driver blindly and check the authenticity yourself before making any purchase. It is a case of buyer beware.