Located 10 km  from Borivali, and in the midst of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, lie the Kanheri Caves.The word Kanheri originates from Sanskrit word "Krishnagiri"  and means, "Black Mountain".

Considered to be in use during the period of 1st century BC to 9th century AD, primarily by Buddhist monks, the caves were chiseled out of a massive basaltic rock outcropping. Most of the 109 Buddhist caves chiseled out of the volcanic rock are spartan and unadroned simple small chambers, known as viharas. However,  the most appealing is the Chaitya cave, built sometime during the 4th to 5th Century AD, shows signs of decorative woodwork on the roof still present, and is definitely a big draw for the tourists.There are many sculptured statues of Buddha, on the outer sides of the wall, mainly in the Avalokiteswara incarnation.