Mumbai is described in many ways - the Maximum City, the city that never sleeps, the vibrant city, the most cosmopolitan city of India and a in a thousand ways more.

The ‘Maximum City’ – Mumbai, is one of the most vibrant cities that you will come across. Everything about this city is so intense, from the overcrowded public transport system to your usual hangouts like Marine Drive , Chowpatty, Juhu Beach, numerous malls, Gateway of India, and more  Every experience is magnified a hundred times - Mumbai, it’s always in your face! Life is fast paced; this is no place for the slow and laid back! Sights, sounds and even smells is unique for Mumbai, each with its own charm . Everything is extreme, to the max!

Every year millions of tourists from across the world arrive in Mumbai to feel the pulse of the city and live the life of a Mumbaikar(as the citizens of Mumbai are called) – even if for a few days. They carry back varied memories based on the experiences but one thing remain always with them – hope had more time to see the entire city.

If you are a tourist, there are many places for sightseeing and there are infinite unique experiences to be relished here. For even people staying in Mumbai the city is still undiscovered and changes all the time. Time is at a premium – so much to do yet so little time.

To cater to the need of visitors and residents who would like to see the city without getting into unending traffic jams or getting into a crowded local train the best way is to see it from the sky by taking a joyride in small planes or at time helicopters. The thrill of flying low in a large-window slow-moving plane and exploring the city of Mumbai is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This gives the visitors an excellent view of the ever changing skylines, places of interest and the birds eye-view of Mumbai and beyond. Whether you are visiting the city or just wanting to gift something unique to someone, this a great one

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