Amidst the brouhaha of Kufri, Sanjoli, The Mall and also the various Shaktipeeth around Shimla, there is a place which is a lot away from the usual crowd, silent, serene yet had a past which, in today's scenario, is probably one of the most important place in Indian history..or probably even for Pakistan.

The Indian Institute of Advance Studies is located near Oberoi Cecil, is actually the place where the Shimla conference took place, failed and again took place for the decision of the partition.

The place happened to be the house of the then Viceroy of India, Lord Mountbatten ( a name which stills echoes with the word 'Independance' ). The moment you arrive you will be impressed by the gigantic residence of then Viceroy.

Guided tours can be arranged, and when you get inside and move around various halls you can feel history revolving around you. There are a lot many things which are yet the same as they were in 1945: the tapestry, the carpet, the conference room (where the famous Shimla conferece took place and failed); a small picture collection of the world's most influential men of the 20th century (to name Bapu Gandhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru and Mohamed Ali Jinnah). You can also see the 200 years old clock, the bell gifted by the King of Nepal and the garden where Jawahar Lal (the first prime minister of India ) and Mohamed Jinnah (the First prime minister of Pakistan) walked together.

You can vividly imagine all the above talking to each other, discussing, arguing and not coming to the consensus thus failing .

Reaching there would take half 'n' hour from the Mall (from the High Court Parking to be exact). You can also walk down from the Mall.

Ithe Advance Studies, ShimlaJawahar Lal Nehru arriving for Shimla Conference

An article from Time Magazine (on-line):