In the city of New Delhi there are literally thousands of shopping opportunities, many more than could ever be explored during one trip to this Indian city. 

            The thing that makes shopping here unique is the wide variety of styles and price ranges that exist; from inexpensive arts and crafts sold by local vendors on the side of the road, to high end clothes made from the world’s finest materials sold in upscale shops.  New Delhi has something to offer every type of shopper.

            Some of the goods available for purchase in New Delhi have become synonymous with India’s culture.  Good examples of this are the handmade carpets and rugs made locally, or the fine silk fabrics of which many clothes are made.  Not only are these items available for purchase here, but because they are made locally, the prices are fairly cheaper than if the same goods were bought back home.

            Precious gems and stones are widely available throughout New Delhi.  However, one must be careful when buying these types of items because there are many scams operating around this industry.  Make sure to know what you are buying before handing over money.  Although usually real, sometimes the quality of the product is not what it appears to be. 

            For a list of shopping areas within the city, visit New Delhi Shopping .