Due to temperatures and precipitation, New Delhi can be an extreme place to visit during certain months of the year. The hottest months of the year are May and June, during which time the average high temperatures are in the low 100’s.  Note that these are the average temperatures, which means that it can get much hotter.  The coldest months are from December until February, during which time the average low temperatures are in the mid to upper 40’s. 

The monsoon season in New Delhi is from the end of May though the month of July.  During this time the high temperatures in the daytime stay in the 90’s, the humidity is very high, and rainstorms are frequent.  It is not advised to visit during these months. For more information about monthly precipitation and temperature averages, visit New Delhi Weather .

The most comfortable climate in New Delhi is found during the months leading into summer (February into April), and again trailing the monsoon season (October and November). Good historical climate and weather statistics can be found at New Delhi Weather along with an up-to-the-moment report of weather at the airport.

Other issues to consider when planning a trip to New Delhi are cultural happenings.  There are lots of festivals that are celebrated throughout India, and most are celebrated in New Delhi.  Visit Festivals of India for more information.

New Delhi Weather - 5 Day Forecast