There is plenty of information about New Delhi available online, and if planning a trip, they should be explored before ever leaving home. 

A great place to begin doing some research is on the Delhi Tourism Website.  This site is very useful for the first time visitor to the area.  A history tab gives a brief yet informative outline of the areas 5000 year old history.  There are also many links for items such as heritage, sightseeing, accommodation information and package tour deals.

Unsure about custom regulations, arrival/departure issues, or general etiquette within India? 

The Embassy of India website has a great section that provides general information about the country.  Many facts can be found here including population statistics, languages spoken, religions practiced and currency used.

India Currency Converter is a useful site for converting many national currencies to the Indian Rupee. 

Most countries have an embassy located in New Delhi.  For a complete list of foreign embassies within India, including location and contact information, visit Embassy List .

For issues concerning minor problems involving crime or theft, contact the New Delhi Police.  Full contact information can be found at the Police Website.