Kandy is located in a high elevation and in the middle of Sri Lanka. The island itself has a tropical climate but Kandy being in the middle and at high altitude, surrounded by hills,  does have a cooler temperature. Kandy should be on the itinerary of every visitor to Sri Lanka, not just because it is the home of the Sacred Temple of the Tooth (dalada Maligawa) but also because - more than anywhere else in the Country - it is uniquely Sri Lankan.

Kandy is an all year round tourist destination and more leisurely pace. It is a city at pease with itself and one that rewards every visitor with an insight into the soul of Sri Lanka, the location, the temple, the embience, the royal history, the lake - indeed, everything about the town - is delightful.

The city was declared in 1988 as one of Sri lanka's UNESCO World Heritage Sites!