Why not travel more in kandy?

Being the last citadel, Kandy still cherishes it's old world charm. No doubt this is the most beautifull area in the island. Kandy has been declared as a word heritage city considering it's geographical situation and several buildings more than hundred years old. For holiday makers Kandy is ideal as it has fine climate, not too hot or not too cool. Here visitors get various opporturnities enjoying in numerous ways. By staying two or three nights visitors realize Kandy is one of the great hot spots to visit.

For the nature lovers, by visiting to Knukles mountain range one can get exciting experiences as it's a world haritage nature site with it's great bio diversity. royal botanical gardens nearby. Kandy is also one of most attractive places as it has more than 4000 tree species including huge tropical trees, jiant bamboos, orchid species, ayurvedic medicinal plants, grass lawns and many more.

 Visiting by a Taxi is the most effective way tour in kandy. It will save your time, give you more tour experience near by locations boyend the city limit. It is little hard to find Meter Taxi's, But there are few available. 

Any passanger can ask for rate befor they get into the vehical if it have not any meter on the taxi. 

Current Rate (Year 2016)

Tuk Tuk is Rs. 45 - 50 per 1km

MiniCab Rs 50 - 55 per 1km

Everyone can track Odometer starts and end of the trip. Or use Mobile Gps for get estimaged distance with in the location. 

 Tuc-Tucs are a great option but be very careful....90% of drivers, especially the young guys, are out to rip you off. Very easy to do since nobody really understands the money until they have lived or travelled here for at least a few weeks.

By Carring a Smart phone with Navigator app wii be the most effective way of travel today and future world.

Driving in Sri Lanka is unlike anything you have ever experienced. It makes New York, Paris, London, or Los Angeles seem like a walk in the park. It is manic and a major experience but... There are only two lane highways and each side are cars, buses, tuk tuks, pedestrians, dogs, and elephants. The buses are the worst. If they can't get through on their side of their road they simply use the other side. Use of the horn virtually continuously is mandatory it seems. Get a good driver, preferably with a minibus, sit back and enjoy. Its cheap and its fun. Getting anywhere in Sri Lanka takes hours but there is so much to see on every road its worth it.