Homestay tourism in Vicos has become an increasingly popular activity for travellers that come to Huaraz, be it to acclimatize before going further up into the mountains, or as the main reason to come to this region. And without exceptions, all those who visited Vicos over the past few years (Vicos has been receiving tourists since 2002) would recommend the experience to friends. 

You can visit Vicos for one day, a few days or even up to a few weeks as a volunteer. In Vicos, there is a tourism committee that has received lots of training, and receives national and international visitors in small bungalows next to the local family's house. Activities include baking bread in the adobe oven, learning how to cook, getting to know the life of the hostfamily (their house, the animals, the tasks of the children and so on), hiking, working on the field, visiting artisans, learning about medicinal plants, visiting viewpoints, prehistoric rock paintings and/or archaeological sites, and so on. Activities are always in company of a local guide, who shares the ancestral knowledge of his people with the visitor.

Previous visitors most of all liked the interculturality of a stay in Vicos, the hospitality of the locals, and to learn how these people live in harmony with their environment, materially so poor but at the same time so rich. 

Currently, Vicos co-operates with RESPONS, an agency in Huaraz that specializes in sustainable tourism. RESPONS assists Vicos in getting its tourists and administering the tourism flow and the money that goes in. RESPONS also continuously trains the committee, improves their service and helps them with maintaining their sustainability.

You can find out everything about Vicos (and RESPONS) on Other agencies in Huaraz that currently promote Vicos are Infinite Adventures, Caminos Travel and Huascarán Adventure Travel Agency. 


Bungalow in Vicos  Herder's picnick on the way   Harvesting native potatoes!