Khamlia is a little village in the desert by the biggest dunes at Erg Chebbi. It is about 7 km from the village of Merzouga, on the way to Taouz, Zagora and M´Fis - mineral mines. Both to Zagora and M´Fis you can go only by 4x4. To Taouz is an asphalt road.

In Khamlia are now three small shops, coffeehouse and the school. Here is also electricity and water. All houses are together 32 and about 150 persons live. The majority of people are black. It is still a quiet place without many tourists and many hotells. You can find there now only one hotel and two guesthouses.

You will find here the famous music group Gnawa. Their music is ritual and communicates with the mysteries of the desert. Gnawa play for you but for themselves too. If you are open, even your soul can dance.

Getting to Khamlia is not easy if you do not have a car. You can take a taxi or hire another driver from Merzouga. To go from Khamlia is more difficult because the people will not want you to go back. They are happy for you. It is a still, calm and peaceful life.



See how locals live; look and learn to prepare home-made bread and cous-cous or tagines, eat with them and drink Berber "whiskey" tea.

Take a camel trek into sand dunes to see or sunset or sunrise. To overnight in the sand dunes in Nomad tent, take a dinner ther near the campfire, listen and dance to Gnawa music.

Visit  the school, play football with the children, or only take a promenade and see the life around. Relax.

Go in the sand dunes and prepare Medfouna - Berber pizza there in the sand. 

Rent a bike and ride around in the sand.