Penyengat  Island Tanjung Pinang Bintan Island Indonesia.



Located right outside Tanjungpinang. It will take a couple of minutes to get there. The old culture at the Penyengat Island was leading and powerful in the Indonesian past. The island can be reached in few minutes by boat from Tanjung Pinang.
Masjid Raya Sultan Mosque made of egg

It was the seat of the Malayan Kingdom and it's famous for it's viceroys of Riau during the 18th century conflict periode, Penyengat still bears the traces of its illustrious and mystic past. Ruins, abandoned for almost 70 years, are recently restored.The old ruler's palace and royal tombs, among them the grave of the respected Sultan Haji, who also was creater and author of the first Malay Language grammar book, are among the legacies left by the Riau sultanate. Still in use is the old vice-royal mosque, the Mesjid Raya.

There is a historical and holy place in Bintan Island which is called "Pulau Penyengat mean Penyengat Island". There is a mosque where made by egg albumen as the main contruction material! This mosque is a central Malay Culture exchange venue, and is quite interesting.