Tanjung Uban-Chinese Temple

This Chinese Temple were built by overseas chinese in Tanjung Uban to pray to their believe. It is located at main street to Tanjung Uban Ferry Terminal which is Ferry Terminal To Batam Island.

This temple were built in 1900s when mainland people who lived in Guandong, Hainan and Fujian Province in China escaped to Indonesia due to war and unstable living condition in China. They only moved out from China but they also brought their culture and believe to Bintan Island.

Many overseas chinese will pray twice a month which are 1st and 15th every lunar calendar. Main festival is Mid Autumn Festival (15th of the 8th month in lunar calendar). It is a 3 day festival with plenty of local culture, celebration and even a lion dance.

Be there if you can catch up this event and you will feel something different between overseas chinese and chinese who were born in China.