A simple list of things you have to do in Thong Nai Pan Noi. 

  • Get a burger at Handsome Sandwiches.
  • And buy a Handsome Sandiwches T-Shirt! "Make you handsome and beautiful."
  • Get a massage at Tanaporn Massage House. 
  • Try the Hoisin Duck Rolls at Luna.
  • Take a trip with Sorn Trips (find him opposite handsome Sandwiches)
  • Order a pizza from BTS
  • Walk down and grab a drink at "I Sea" bar.
  • Go for a snorkel round the rocks at the north end of the beach.
  • Try out the Jet Skis on the beach.
  • Try the shakes at Luna (add Rum or Tequila for a great, refreshing cocktail.)
  • Listen to_way_ too many bad covers of bad songs while drinking your morning coffee :(
  • If there's a big soccer game or Muay Thai fight on, you'll be able to chill with the locals on a familliar atmosphere (TV vegging).
  • Walk to the waterfall, and the viewpoint behind Santhiya. 

Go to Thong Nai Pan Yai and:

  • Join a Yoga class at The Yoga Studio on Thong Nai Pan Yai www.yogakohphangan.com
  • Check out the beautiful clothing and bags at Karma
  • Eat tapas at Dolphin
  • Grab a samosa at Havana
  • Chill out in a hammock at Longtail Resort
  • Order a custom painting at Wang Thong Gallery www.topartpaintings.com
  • Check out Yai Bar for firewirling every night from 9ish-11ish
  • Grab a pint at Flip-Flop 
  • Book a day of diving with H20

Places to eat:

  • Again and Again (Noi)
  • Bamboo Hut (Noi)
  • Muay Thai Cafe (Noi)
  • Luna (Noi)
  • BTS (Noi)
  • Dolphin (Yai)
  • Chili's (Yai)
  • Indian House Buddha Raksa (Yai)
  • Living Room Cafe (Yai)

Places to shop:

  • Jip Shop (Noi)
  • "Snoop Shop" or "The local shop" - best prices for food, drink, snacks, toiletries and fruit. (Noi)
  • Tanaporn Massage has goods which the owners bring down from Chang Mai, so the prices are even lower than you'd expect. 
  • Karma on Thong Nai Pan Yai
  • Wang Thong Gallery (Yai)