Kanaka Durga Temple



                           In Kruthayuga,Godess Durga Maa started a battle towards Rakshasas and she went round the world killing the rakshasas.She came in 9avatarams and started killing them.During her eigth avataram that is as Durga Devi she fought with the rakshasas and came into Indrakiladri to take rest.Due to the boon of Durga Maa Indrakiludu,a king who has done tapasya for Durga maa and when she appeared he asked her to stay in his stomach and Durga maa said him to disguise as a cave and defnitely she will come and stay.This was the story of the Indrakiludu.After many years during Rakshasa Samharam she came in the eigth avataram and stayed at Indrakiladri and on the next day from Indrakiladri she continued her battle towards rakshasas with her ninth avataram which means that she took rest in Vijayawada and next day she has taken ninth avataram and went around the world.

                            According to history,Maa's eigth avataram was very ferocious and scaring as she was filled with anger and desire to kill rakshasas.Hence Vijayawada always have intense heat.Previously there was even fire accidents taken place and rain of fire was also there.At that time Adhi Sankara Charya,a famous Guru visited Vijayawada and made the face of Durga maa as smiling by performing poojas and also he made her face smiling and he even turned the eyes of Maa which appear to shower blessings inspite of anger.

                       Hence Durga Maa temple is one of the famous temple in Vijayawada and also in Andhra Pradesh where many disciples are being drawn towards it.The extreme beauty of Krishna River gives a scenic beauty to this pilgrimage.