Arriving: The Guayaquil airport is well-managed. After collecting your baggage and exiting the controlled area, you will see an organized area with many booths for activities and transfers. If you have pre-arranged transfers, look for the booth both inside and outside the main building. Most of them are legit companies, just beware of con-artists who usually are working alone. When in Guayaquil use the bus system. It is safe, very cheap, runs 24/7 and almost everywhere. It will not take you to the airport though. You will need to get a taxi or set up other arrangements with a private company.

There are several well known companies that offer Airport-Hotel-Airport transfers. like: and Travelers most frequently arrive in Guayaquil via the Jose Joaquin International airport.  The airport (international code: GYE) is located within the city, approximately ten minutes from the downtown area, This is the most modern airport ever build in Ecuador, and is located right on Pacific Coast of Ecuador, is open 24 hours, offers restaurants, coffee shops, ATM machines, banks, rental cars and there is a big duty free, on the international departure offers conections to the US & Europe most of the flights are non stop. There is also a domestic airport,  that connects Ecuador's mainland to the Galapagos Islands, also this airport is the closest point to the Islands, all the flights to either Baltra and San Cristobal stops in Guayaquil, before going to the Islands.

Guayaquil's airport 

Check with your hotel to see if they provide a free shuttle, most of the hotels do, however give them a call to make sure, and provide all your flight info and set the place for the pick up. In case they do not provided a free shuttle an small fee will be charged, or you could take a taxi to your destination. Taxis can be obtained at the stands at the airport or use the free touch screens links available all over the International & domestic arrivals as well as the main hallway, this screens also included a Telephone where you could talk to the hotels in the area FREE of charge, there is a FREE WIFI available at the airport, in case you brought your own laptop or cell phone. It is not advisable to walk away from the airport. A taxi from the Airport to the Malecon area should not be more than $4 or 5 USD, there is also the new METROVIA bus station, that will take you to either the downtown area or the Bus Station (2 minutes away) for only 0.35 cents.


Guayaquil's airport


If you are flying to the United States, expect a patdown and additional luggage searches by Ecuadorian customs agents. They are very strict, and will throw away lighters and sometimes liquids that fit TSA requirements.  The airport Tax according to the current law, is already included on the airfare, so you do not have to pay anything else.

Guayaquil's airport

 There is a big duty free area, where you can buy tax free ecuadorean products, such the Jumbo Shrimps, Chocolate, and all kind of goods.

Guayaquil has invest over 300 million US dollars on developing tourist infraestructure like a brand new airport, with all the services availables and open 24 hours, the new bus station and the city buses links

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KLM ' s aircraft name after the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador.

Klm's Galapagos islands

KLM 's City of Guayaquil Boeing 747- 400------>>>>>>

Guayaquil's city:

Guayaquil's city