Lijiang is a better developed development tourism areas in Yunnan. Most of the roads people travel on are paved. There are different types of connecting buses between various attractions. There are three long distance bus stops. One is at the LiJian OldTown. The other two are called 省旅高快 (Province Travel) and 丽江高快(Lijian Travel). There are also touring buses. They depart every morning from the 古路湾hotel near the international culture center. The buses take you to different attractions such as云杉坪、玉峰寺、白沙壁画、黑龙潭 (black dragon pool)和丽江古城(the OldTown). There are also mid-size buses you can take in the city. Taxis are available but they are not allowed in the OldTown. There are a lot of cars in LiJiang. You can also rent a car. If you plan to drive, make sure you have experience in driving unpaved hill roads. A lot accidents do happen.