It is not very easy to get to Isla Chiloé. International travelers should plan on arriving in Santiago via plane. There are various carriers that offer daily routes to Santiago, Chile. From there, one can take a bus from Santiago to Puerto Montt. This bus can be taken from the Central Bus Terminal in Santiago. There are also plane rides available to Puerto Montt via small regional carriers.   Then, it is possible to take bus and ferry from Puerto Montt to Ancud. There is a local bus that runs twice a day. There are also private transport options provided by tour companies but these tend to be more expensive. Once on the ferry, the ride takes about 30 minutes and passes Chacao on the island. (If one is traveling by boat, it is often common to see pelicans, penguins and dolphins while on the boat.) The cost of the ferry is included in the overall cost of the bus ticket. The ferry takes visitors to Ancud which is arguably the most intriguing town on the island. Once in town, one can either rent a taxi or take a bus to various other parts of the island. One can also walk into the tourist offices or hotels for more information.