Shopaholics can never get bored in the diverse terrain of Sao Paulo. Whether searching for a cooking knife, haute couture, antiques or the newest electronic gadget, Sao Paulo has it all. Though it is not as cheap as other South American destinations, shoppers can still find good bargins on all sorts of good. For those fashionistas, the first place to stop on any shopping extravaganza is the Jardins area of Sao Paulo. Here amongst the well-trimmed, tree-lined streets, lies a treasure-trove of up-and-coming avante-garde hipster gear. Brazil is known for its daring and sexy cuts in day wear as well as evening wear, and here it is displayed for all to see. Beautiful fabrics, colorful patterns and good quality designs explain the higher-priced fashion purchases in this area. Shoppers can stroll leisurely down Rua Augusta, Rua Haddock Lobo, Rua Oscar Freire and Alameda Lorena in order to find international and national brands. When hungry or in the mood to people watch, hipsters will lounge in the neighboring cafes.
São Paulo also has a collection of haute-couture, high-end shopping malls, exhibiting brands whose ad campaigns brazenly exhibit the lean, tawny bods of this generation’s Brazilian uber-models. Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Mui Mui all can be found throughout these exclusive enclaves, located in the quieter, expensive boroughs in Sao Paulo. A few examples include the malls in Iguatemi, Patio Higienopolis and Morumbi.
In Centro , the original downtown São Paulo, shoppers can peruse the numerous market stalls such as those on Rua 25 de Março. In these crowded markets, sellers offer an eccentric assortment of shoes, gadgets, calculators, cds, t-shirts and books.
For Oriental goods, São Paulo's own Japanese neighborhood, Liberdade , is an impressive enclave of Little Tokyo, where the Sunday market is an unforgettable zoo of food, creative fabrics, paper, art, and performances.