The Municipal Theatre of São Paulo was born cradling the dreams of a growing city with industry and coffee in the early twentieth century. In 1898 the city had lost to a fire the Theater São José, stage of its major artistic manifestations so it became imperative to build a space match the major foreign artist perfmoamces.

The architect Ramos de Azevedo and Italians Claudio Rossi and Rossi Domitian began construction in 1903, and September 12, 1911, the Municipal Theater was opened ante a crowd of 20,000 people. Thus, Sao Paulo was integrated the roadmap of major international shows.

The construction of the Municipal Theater was considered audacious for its time: received influence of the Palais Garnier Oper House in Paris and its architecture exterior has traces Renaissance Baroque seventeenth century. Inside, many works of art: busts, bronzes, medallions, decorated walls, crystals, neoclassical columns, stained glass, mosaics and marbles guarantee a feast for the eyes of the viewer closer.