There are three Tourist Offices in Gramado. One of them is located on the road to Nova Petrópolis, just when you leave the city (Pórtico de entrada via Nova Petrópolis). The other one is located on the road to Taquara (Portico de entrada via Taquara). The most important one is found in Praça Major Nicoletti, Gramado's main square. You'll find lots of brochures and leaflets of restaurants and shops. Ask for a map as it will be useful when touring the city by your own.

For more information, contact the local Tourist Board:

Av. das Hortênsias, 542 - Bairro Planalto
Telephone: (54) 3286-1418 / 3286-2743
Gramado / RS / Brazil - Zip code: 95670-000