Gramado is located in the mountains of the Brazilian State of Rio Grande do Sul. This State is the southernmost in Brazil and doesn't look like the rest of the country at all. Rio Grande do Sul is known for its 'Pampas' (plains) and countrylife. Visitors won't find here the beautiful beaches, rainforests and tropical climate Brazil is famous for. The absence of all that is reflected on the people of that State. Their culture is more similar to that of the Argentinians than Brazilians'. Their costumes, dances, music and food is also different. People in Rio Grande do Sul call themselves 'gaúchos' ('cowboys' in Portuguese and Spanish). Those who live in Gramado are quite different to the other 'gaúchos'. The influence of European immigration was strong and has created a folklore that is only found in the highlands of Southern Brazil. People are blond and have blue eyes. They all have European surnames and many can speak German or Italian. Their traditions can be seen in the architecture, dances and above all, food. Tourists who come to Gramado are delighted to try German, Italian and Swiss dishes. Not for anything Gramado's slogan is 'naturalmente européia' ('naturally European').