Try to get a little pocket map of Gramado. You can get one at different stores or at the tourist information center in the main square (Praça Major Nicolleti). Well, now that you have your little map, get ready for a calm walk through the different and quiet streets of the town. It is recommended that you start at Lago Joaquina Bier and keep on walking toward the hilly area of  "bairro" (neighborhood) Planalto. Look for the sign indicating "Lago Negro" and keep on climbing the streets until you get to the lake. Check your map and try to return using other streets. Do not get affraid of adventuring through those that are paved with gravel. Gardens and houses will amaze you, as well as the sounds of different birds.

Starting your walk from Lago Joaquina Bier

Starting your walk from Lago Joaquina Bier

Going through flowerfilled streets


 There is always a quiet place to walk by

Beautiful street

 Try unexpected paths

Beautiful Path

 A path by the lake

Path by the lake


Arriving at Lago Negro

Lago Negro