If there is one thing Brazilians are proud to exhibit, it is the ability to have fun and enjoy life. The options for night life reflect this attitude. In Natal, one can see people on the streets or in restaurants, laughing and imbibing. Also, dancing is one of the most popular activities of Brazilians and can be watched at multiple locations throughout the city. Tourist will enjoy the ability to see many different types of dance depending on the night and venue. 

 Forró com Turista offers performances of Forro, which is a traditional Brazilian folkloric dance, in the historic building where the Centro de Turismo is located. This performance takes place every Thursday at 10pm. Forro is one of the most popular, traditional dances in Natal, as it was performed by all locals of all colors and socio-economic standards (particularily by the poor). It is believed that forro is a corruption of the English term "for all" in other words, signifying that everyone could join in.

 Zás Trás also is another venue for traditional Brazilian dance. The shows here vary, including capoeira.

In Natal, there are also many clubs and discoteques where the youth of Natal dance and revel till late hours of the night. For instance, Albatroz in Praca Cívica is filled with natives from all over Natal to dance forro and samba.   Also there is Chaplin and Taverna, both discos and clubs.