An easy way to visit Niteroi is by ferry boat. It´s faster and safer than other ground transportations. Just cath the Catamarã service at Praca XV station ( in the centre of Rio de Janeiro). There are two final destination ( check availability):  Rio de Janeiro to Downtown Niteroi or Rio de Janeiro to Charitas.  If you choose Downtown Niteroi, you´ll be closer to the famous MAC Museam, built by Oscar Niemayer. Charitas as you final destination will leave you closer to Niteroi´s beaches.

Catamara ferry boats departure every hour from Rio to Niteroi ( please check daily shedule departures). The journey last only 5 minutes. During this period you will have a pleasent trip surronded by a nice view of Baia de Guanabara, Ponte Rio Niteroi, Santos Dumond airport and Cristo Redentor. In Niteroi, take a cab and visit great places sucha as MAC Museam ( there is a nice restaturant there), NIteroi´s City Park at São Francisco. Don´t miss to visit Itacoatiara or Camboinhas beaches ( just 30minutes from ferry boat station).