There are some things you should do being in Curitiba to feel like a "Curitibano":

- Visiting "Feira do Largo da Ordem": every Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm. Located at the old downtown, just close to the cathedral. There you wil find many stands with home made things, music, food und fun. Many people visit it, so be aware of your wallet! 

The area Largo da Ordem is also great to visit during other days. You can walk calmly here or just have a "chopp". Some traditional and sophisticated places are here. Just avoid Sunday evenings, when many young people just hang around here in the many bars. Take also a Segway tour in the area. It is a funny way to visit downtown Curitiba.  

- Take a stroll in "Rua das Flores". The oldest pedestrian street in Brazil starts close to the University of Paraná (Praça Santos Andrade) and ends at Praça Osório. Along the way there are many stores. At the end of the pedestrian area you should take a coffee in one of the typical bars where older citizens usually talk about politics: knowing as "Boca Maldita".

- Visit "Paço da Liberdade" - the former city hall has been beautifully restored and is today a beautiful culture center. If you  fancy a coffee, chocolate or just want sit down and drink something cold, try the "Café do Paço", on the backside of the building. Just beautiful and here there are usually cultural presentations - for free! 

- Visit the Shopping Estação. This shopping mall is located in the area where the train station used to be. Inside the mall you will find many nice shops and also the parfum museum, a pharmacy museum and a small train museum. There are also several movie theathers and such are usually shown in the original language. A nice place if you wish to take a break and watch a movie. In case you go there in the evening, it is better to take a taxi.

- Oscar Niemeyer Museum. This modern museum is located very close to downtown, in Centro Cívico. It is one of the most modern in Brazil and is open from tuesday to sunday. A funny way to reach the museum is in a Segway tour. You will see part of the downtown, Passeio Público, the Pope´s Woods and reach the Museum. After having a stop to drink something, great fun in ramps between the museum and some governnamental offices. 

Parks: there are many in the city. Here the nicest ones:

  • Bosque do Papa: with ancient houses from the polish immigrants. It is located in Centro Cívico. On Mondays the houses are closed. Try delicious cakes and polish specialties in a small coffee house in the entrance of the park. Or if you fancy Mexican food, just walk along the bikeway to reach Zapata. Very good for a beer in the open terrace as well! 
  • Parque Alemão: the German Woods are a small, nice park with a trail in the middle of a forest. You will also see a resume of the fairy tail of "Hansel and Gretel" from the Brothers Grimm. 
  • Parque Tingui: nice to walk and has a copy of an Ukranian church.
  • Parque Tanguá: has a waterfall and boats for rent. Very popular during weekends.
  • Parque Barigui: very good for walking. In the summer/spring where the locals used to meet in the end of the day, after work for walk/ running. Also has a lake with boats to rent.
  • Universidade Livre do Meio Ambiente: the "open university for enviromment" is located in the middle of woods and was built with former electricy wooden prics. 
  • Jardim Botanico: the most seen park in the city - a must go! See also the "jardim das sensações", a place where you will close your eyes to "feel" the textures and smells of the plants. 

There is a bus line called "Linha Turismo" or "Tourism Line" that pass by 25 turistic attractions in Curitiba, it takes 2h30min  (44 km) for R$25,00 you receive a card with 4 tickets. Choose the points of your interesting and catch another bus lather (30min/30min). The departure point is Tiradentes Square. 

Have lunch or dinner in one of the Wolrd's Biggest Restaurant: Madaloso in Santa Felicidade. In the weekends, lots of people including foreign and brazilian tourists and locals. The food is a traditional Italian-Brazilian taste: fried chicken , risoto, radichi salad, polenta - all you can eat style- and local wine. Plus: You can ask to visit their kitchen, an amazing tour! 

There are also many interesting things to do around Curitiba, especially for those looking for nature.

The most known is the train ride from Curitiba to Morretes (runs daily) and from Curitiba to Paranaguá (only sundays). It is an impressive ride through the atlantic rain forest. For more information about this famous and exciting train tour, you can read the article "The Exciting Train Tour from Curitiba to Morretes and Paranaguá" posted on the TRAVEL TO PARANÁ's BLOG is a great and will be very helpfull. re's a great article about this famous and exciting train tour  posted

Also very interesting is "Ilha do Mel" - Honey Island - close to the coast. Go to Pontal do Paraná and then take a boat to the Island. There you will not find any cars and can walk from one beach to another and visit the light house, the fortress and see delphins close to the beach. If you choose to spend the night, there are lots of inns and bed & breakfasts. Bring a flash light because at night the trails are very dark.

For those willing to see more rain forest, a good hint is Guaraqueçaba, a small village difficult to reach. From there you can go by boat to Sebuí, a refuge in the middle of the rain forest, where you can walk from one water fall to another, visit the mangroves and Superagui Nationalpark, where you will find a desert beach of 38 km extension. Very impressive!