Curitiba is located in Paraná / Brazil and is the capital of this State. With around 2.5 Million inhabitants, the city is known as the "ecological capital of Brazil" because of interesting programs to protect the environment. The city has more than 20 parks with great areas for jogging or riding a bike. 

The "Curitibanos" are most descedent from European immigrants most from Poland, Ucraine, Italy and Germany.  The city looks very European, but not forget, you are still in Brazil!

The city is about 315 years old and in Largo da Ordem there are some colonial houses. Sundays from 9 am to 2 pm there is a big open fair here with many stands, musicians and lots to see.

Besides visiting some parks (especially Jardim Botânico, Bosque do Papa, Tanguá, Opera de Arame), go to Santa Felicidade and try one of the huge restaurants there. "Eat as much as you can", especially Italian food as polenta... 

Most hotels are located downtown and in Batel, a nice neighborhood close to downtown.

From Curitiba there is a great  train ride to Morretes and Paranaguá. The best thing is to book an organized tour, so instead of coming back by train or a "normal" bus, you get back through Estrada da Graciosa, a lovely paved road in the middle of atlantic rain forest. In the tours you have lunch in Morretes, a nice small town and try the local food (Barreado) - delicious!

From Curitiba you can also  go to Vila Velha, a "stone city", to Guartelá-Canyon and not forget the lovely Ilha do Mel (Island) and Guaraquecaba, a fisher village and a great place to see nature as it has been since centuries!