Cumbuco is a small fisherman's village 40 km North form Fortaleza. Due to a new road to Fortaleza and the increasing Kite-surfers community Cumbuco is quickly changing. Little Supermarkets, small restaurants, excellent "pousadas" and apartments make your holiday maybe less adventurous but certainly more comfortable.

cumbuco beach   surrounding freedom !

The beauty of the place lays within the dunes and the beaches, as well hidden in the little lagoons spread out all over the area. For kite-surfers the fun starts from July till January - then the rainy season is over and due to the magnificent dunes a strong wind picks up at midday till the sun goes down.

Getting there is easy, just take a taxi form the airport or from Fortaleza (50 - 70 R$). The ride will last for about 40 minutes. Try to avoid the weekends crowds, because the Brazilians living in Fortaleza are very fond of Cumbuco for a day of on Sunday. Renting a car is also possible in Cumbuco, but be careful not to take the "cheapest" ones - they give you used cars that might get you in trouble.

Lately new restaurants have been opening, and in general the food is great !! Although there are big price differences, don't be afraid to check out the local little restaurants - there you can still find the best prices and delightful decent food. But as Cumbuco is having more success, the prices go up, so for local food and prices take the bus to Icarai (15min) and check it out on the main road.

As it has become a kite-surf mecca, there are plenty of kite-surf schools. Most of them teach in different languages and have decent material - Alex next to the Royal Penthouse apartments is also teaching in Portuguese + has a test-board center.

So, if you want to feel free, relax and/or try out some adrenaline kite-surfing, then Cumbuco is the place to be ! From Cumbuco it isn't far to Fortaleza (excellent Sushi !!) but you really don't want to stay in the big city. Up north there are plenty of great places to visit - including the most well-know village "Jericocoara"

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