Roofs of Modern Cultural Center

The Centro Dragão do Mar de Arte e Cultura (Av Alm Tamandaré 310)  is one of the most notable and new attractions in Fortaleza.  It is part of what makes this city so dynamic since it brings both locals and tourists together to appreciate the art, culture and the night life.  What a great and unique combination.  In fact, it is so big and diverse that it s 30,000 square meters has been compared to a university campus. It has exhibit halls, shows, museams, bars and open air restaurants and even a planetarium.  It includes folk art and photograpy as well as a ever changing amount of cultural presentations and shows.  Bars & Restaurants at Cultura Center

The Cultural Center gets its name from an historical figure that promoted the rights of the poor fishermen and port workers who were recently liberated from slavary in the late 19th Century.  The Cultural Center certainly has gained the vitality of its namesake and should be part of any visit to Fortaleza.