One of the best possible things to do in Ilheus is to go to the beach. Even if you are a non-beach lover, you can't help but love the light brown sparkling sugar they have for sand. A taxi can be arranged at the tourist market. They will take you to the beach and then arrange with the bar they drop you off at to pick you up when the bar calls. Surely there is a kick back going on here but nothing is expensive. The surf is amazing. You can watch young Brazilian men surfing or play in it yourself. When you walk out of the water, the incline is so gradual that your feet only end up having a little sand on the very bottoms of your feet. There are many bars that will rent you umbrellas, tables, and recliners cheaply. In spring, there are very few people on the beach. Ilheus is mostly a Brasillian resort town so you won't encounter tons of people from other countries. You will be accosted by many beach vendors but that is part of being on a beach in Brazil. Don't buy anything - the quality is poor and the prices are high. Just enjoy the sights and sounds. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Just bring lots of sunscreen!