The Washington, D.C. area is notoriously hot and sticky during the summer. The hottest month is July, when the average high hovers around ninety degrees, with lows in the mid-60s. The rest of the year, however, is relatively mild. Average highs in the coolest months, December and January, are in the mid-40s, with lows in the mid-20s. Rain is pretty constant throughout the year, with three to four inches of rain per month.

    The National Cherry Blossom Festival occurs every year to celebrate the annual blooming of more than 3,000 cherry trees in the Washington area, originally donated to the city as a gift from mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo in 1912. Today, an entire month of events is planned around the event, including a parade, art exhibitions, bike rides, fireworks, and races. Of course, this is also one of the times when the area is most packed with tourists, with an estimated 700,000 visitors flooding the city each year. The event takes place over a couple of weeks at the end of March and the beginning of April.

    Since Arlington life is so connected to political events, hotel rooms will be scarce during presidential inaugurations, protests, and the like.