Spider House Patio Bar & Cafe

Just North of the UT campus in Central Austin, this bohemian hangout is a must for anyone seeking the quintessential Austin experience.   One block off "the drag" in a 1920's house overlooking Hemphill Park, Spider House has been a bohemian stronghold and one of Austin's favorite coffee houses for many years.  They have recently added a full bar and table service to the delight of Austin's many margarita drinking patio dwellers. 

And what a patio!... crammed with a mismash of disassembled and re-welded antique patio furniture, broken religious statuary and tangled Christmas lights, the immense  patio is a sight to behold on any beautiful Austin evening.  Spider House boasts free film screenings, live music and DJs every night of the week and more Happy Hours than most places in the area.  With something for everyone - coffee, beer, wine, mixed drinks, espresso, tea, milkshakes, smoothies and great food - It is the perfect place for anyone who loves the Austin vibe.