Anyone visiting Turgutreis must visit Rabbit island in Gumusluk.

Getting There:

You can either take the dolmus from Turgutreis to Gumusluk, or you can walk part or all of the way.

Walk Part of the Way:

Walk from Turgutreis, and follow the coast-line north, until you come to the village of Kadikalesi (about 2miles away).  You will be able to follow this route, until just south of Kadikale Resort.

At this point, you can take a right, and head to the main road.  You'll come out near the Mosque, and you can wait on this road for the next dolmus from Kadikalesi to Gumusluk, or walk along the road (probably another 2 miles) 


Once you get to Gumusluk, head to the harbour, and you'll find Rabbit Island, which is currently being excavated.  You can walk across the submerged part of the ancient city of Mydos, and reach the tip of Rabbit Island, but because of the excavation activity, you're not able to explore the rest of the island, but this is a great place to take photo's of Gumusluk harbour and bay.

Gumsluk is a lovely little fishing villiage and you can dine along side the sea or buy some fish if you are self catering.

There is also a place where you can buy a doner kebab for about £1.

If you don't want to walk back to Turgutreis, you can get a dolmus or a taxi.