Bodrum is situated inside a large harbor of Western Turkey, and beyond it extends a peninsula surrounded by the Aegean and the Mediterranean seas. The peninsula, known as the Bodrum Peninsula, is home to some exotic beaches and cosmopolitan cities that are well within driving distance of Bodrum.

  • Milas: This is the carpet capital of Turkey. Starting in the 1500s, artisans of this small town began weaving the brightly colored, geometric patterned prayer rugs that their country would become famous for. Today they are still hand-woven, and whether you want to buy a carpet or simply witness skilled craftspeople at work, you should definitely make the 50 kilometre drive to Milas.  Tuesdays are also host to the wonderful outdoor market within walking distance from the Milas bus station.
  • Ephesus : This city was one of the wonders of the ancient world, but unlike Bodrum’s Mausoleum, Ephesus still stands today. It was once the Asian capital of the Roman Empire, and much of its former glory still remains – in the form of surviving temples, baths, and other civic buildings. Just 185 kilometres from Bodrum, it makes for a pleasant day’s journey.
  • Akyarlar: Located at the Mediterranean tip of the peninsula (as you can see from this map), Akyarlar is one the most spectacular beaches in Turkey. Fine white sand meets brilliant blue sea as waves crash gently against the shore. If you walk inland a bit, you’ll discover rows of sweet-smelling orange trees that complete the impression of paradise.

  • Lake Bafa (Heraklia) is a wonderful day or overnight trip from Bodrum.  Head to the village on the eastern side of the lake with excellent ancient ruins, and have lunch in one of the private houses along the lake shore.  You can also hire a little boat to head out on the lake with.