To get around Bodrum and the peninsular the dolmus is the cheapest and easiest option. Dolmus literally means "stuffed" and at peak times these mini buses are! They are a cross between a small bus and a shared taxi. All leave and return to the bus station in Bodrum and here, especially during high season, you can ask where particular dolmus go and the best route. There are no "bus stops" as such dolmus are hailed as they pass and will stop whereever you ask along the route. At the time of writing the fare is 1.5YTL for any distance.

Taxis are also reasonable.Ensure the driver sets the meter as you begin the journey. They are yellow Fiats (usually) and fares are fairly cheap. Again the main taxi rank is at the bus station, but there are others in town. Generally tip the taxi driver by rounding up your fare to the nearest lira. If going a long distance it may be worth negotiating a fare before hand.

For longer distances the air conditioned coaches are the most viable form of travel in this part of Turkey. The bus station has offices for the various travel companies involved and usually there's an English speaker around.