Ankara, with its long history, is home to several museums paying tribute to the city's history, culture, and arts.  The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations is located near Ankara Castle.  This museum, popular with visitors, is located in a fully restored covered market place.  It houses many artifacts from the city's distant past including items from as far back as the Neolithic Period.  The museums holdings come from several archaeological digs.

The State Art and Sculpture Museum houses works of Turkish art dating from the 19th Century to modern times.  The museum, open since 1980, also houses exhibit space for the work of modern Turkish artists and photographers.  The museum offers classes and has a cafe.

Several Ottoman-era artifacts are on display at Ankara's Enthography Museum.  This museum houses works of art, clothing, shoes, woodcarving, and household items such as carpets, dishes and cups.  A large selection of weapons is also on display here with swords, bows, arrows, and pistols among them. This museum maintains a high standard both in selection of objects and in display.

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