Ankara, Turkey has a fairly mild climate, though it does experience all four seasons.  It has short winters and summers that are long, hot and dry.  With average summer temperatures in the 90's and temperatures in the winter averaging in the high 30's.  The area's colder weather lasts only for about two months, December and January, before warm temperatures take hold again.  Ankara's dry months are during the summer, from July to October, when the city gets almost no rain.  During the fall, winter, and spring, its "rainy season", the city is also quite dry, only receiving about an inch of rain per month.    

Because it is the capitol of Turkey and an important business center connecting Europe and the Middle East, Ankara gets visitors at all times of year.  The city also has several attractions, archeological sites and museums which attract many visitors.   Its universities and corporations bring a great deal of business travel to the city.