Early History 

The early history of Manila begins in the middle of the sixteenth century, when Muslims settled along the Pasig River and started a religious community there.   The area was originally ruled by a triumvirate made up of two leaders who ruled in the south and one leader who ruled in the north.   (For more about the general neighborhoods of Manila, visit http://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g29... .)

The Muslim community did not have long to thrive.  In 1570, Spanish conquistadores arrived in the area and took over.  They destroyed the Muslim settlement and created a walled fortress at Intramuros.  They used the area as an export base for silver mining.  Eventually, the area was named capital of the Philippines.

Recent History

Intramuros was unfortunately heavily damaged during World War II and much of Manila's post-war growth has taken place beyond its walls.  

Since that time, Manila has been doing its best to rebuild itself as a city.  Tourism has only recently become a major industry in the area.  An influx of tourists in the area has lead to renewed growth and revitalization which has never been seen before in the history of Manila.