It is easy to find cheap and easy eats in Kuala Lumpur, whether one is roaming among the itinerant stalls lining Petaling Street, Chinatown or browsing in airconditioned, shopping centres.  Skewered snacks aplenty tempt you wherever you are, and if one has an adventurous palate to try everything, can end up being as satiated as having a proper meal. Most popular of these skewered snacks is 'satay', Malaysia's version of 'kebab' or char-grilled cubed meat on skewers served with a spicy peanut gravy. Street vendors, market stalls, snack shops in malls and supermarket counters offer a bewildering plethora of sweet and savoury snacks such as fried fish balls on skewers, banana fritters, steamed colourful cakes coated with grated coconut (known as 'kueh-kueh' in local parlance), samosas (curried potatoes wrapped in crepe and deep fried till crispy) and 'curry puffs' (baked or deep-fried pastry with a filling of spicy minced meat, potatoes and egg).  Prices of these tasty, local snacks are very cheap, starting from MYR1.00 or less per portion (USD0.30). Another popular snack is roti canai, an Indian style pancake that is popular as a breakfast snack, good enough on its own but Malaysians normally eat it dipped with curry served on the side.  A chilled canned drink can be had for as little as MYR1.00 from ice cream vendors or push carts, though tourists are often charged more! On a hot day, reach out for 'ABC', acronym for 'Ais Batu Campur' (MYR2.00 or USD0.60) - a soothing, colourful dessert of assorted jellies, beans and cream style corn buried beneath a mound of crushed ice laced with evaporated milk sweetened with melted palm sugar.

For an affordable full meal for the adventurous, look for stalls with signs that say "NASI CAMPUR" or "MIXED RICE." Even better if you can get a local to recommend the tastiest nasi campur within walking distance. Mixed rice is a lunch staple for locals, where restaurants and stalls will prepare a buffet of dishes from which you select to add to your personal plate of plain white rice, or have a server add for you. Once you've finalized your selections, the server or a separate cashier will price your entire plate. One protein and two veggies on your plate of rice can be as cheap as MYR5.00 though location does affect the pricing. Be warned though, if you pile your plate high with various dishes as the adventurous may be tempted to do, your cost can run quite high!