Transiting between different Airport Terminals  and Long Transits

Kuala Lumpur has 2 main airports, the Kuala Lumpur International Airport  (KUL) in Sepang 55km south of the city and the Subang Skypark (SZB) in Subang 30km west of the city.

Kuala Lumpur International / KUL has has two terminals, KLIA1 or KLIA2 Terminals.  There are 2 buildings that make up KLIA1 the main terminal where domestic flights arrive / depart and the satellite terminal for international flights / wide bodied jets.  The Satellite terminal can only be accessed airside [checked in] from the main terminal.  The transit hotel is at the satellite terminal.    

KLIA1 and KLIA2 ARE the same airport!


KLIA1 and KLIA2 are located about 55km from the city

Subang Skypark is approx 40km from the city. It is used mainly by carriers using properller planes and private jets and currently serve Fireflyz and Berjaya Air. Taxi from Subang Skypark and KLIA1 / KLIA2 will take approx 30mins.

Transiting at the KLIA

Q: is there anything in the terminal?

KLIA has a webpage on ideason what to do if you have a long transit.  Click on this link for ideas.

Q: Need to clear immigration and Re-checkin? 

It depends on your ticketing and your next flight.  Passengers arriving at KLIA2 currently does not offer interlining or transit service counters so arriving passengers will need to clear immigration (if arriving from outside Malaysia), baggage claim and then re-check in at KLIA1 or at KLIA2 if their ticket requires it.  KLIA1 is more likely to have transit passengers.

Q: How much time to leave between flights?

You need to allow at least 2 hours between flights at KLIA2 if you don't have fly thru tickets.  The disembarkation process can take up to baggage claim will take approx 1 hour depending on the number of arriving passengers.

Most carriers will require passengers to check-in approx 1-2 hours before flight.  Click on this link to the FAQ about how much time to leave between flights is a useful read

So providing some allowance for delay, transit passengers are advised to give at least 3 hours in between flights. With budget carriers, should you miss your flight, you will forfiet your ticket for the missed flight and very often will have to pay last minute (meaning expensive) prices to buy another ticket.

Q: Have long wait for next flight. What to do?

Option 1: Freshen up and have a sleep at a transit hotel or hotel outside the terminal

There are several airports either within the transit area of each terminal or outside the airport terminal.  Click on this link to the list of airport hotels.

Option 2: Go into the city

The city is 55km away. Taxi's cost about RM75 each way and takes 1 hour. During peak periods (8am-9am, 5pm-7pm) will take 90 mins each way. There is a bus that goes into KL Sentral, and from KL Sentral you can also take public trains into the city. Expect travel time to be longer than Taxis.  Click on this link to the FAQ about getting to the city which has lots of useful information 

Passengers who take this option please remember your timing and allow:

1 hour disembarkation (get off plane, clear immigration, collect bags etc), 1 hour to get into the city, 1 hour to travel from the city back to the airport, 2 hour for check-in time. After deducting these 5 hours from your transit time, if you feel there's sufficient time, then do head into the city.

Suggested places to visit would be KLCC  / Petronas Towers and Bukit Bintang areas - look at things to do or check out the FAQs about sightseeing.

You can find transit tours by googling transit tours kuala lumpur or go to KL TRANSIT TOURS

You also need to check if you need a visa.  Click on this link about VISA requirements.


Option 3: Take a tour of Putra Jaya

Putra Jaya is the administrative capital of Malaysia and is in the neighbouring suburb of the airport. You can see modern islamic architecture and whilst there is not much shopping, food and it is quieter than Kuala Lumpur city. However it is nearer the airport and has things to see that will pass the time.  If this appeals, then go to the Airport Limo / Taxi counter to ask how much it would cost to do a 1-2 hour Putra Jaya tour.


Option 4: Wait at the airport

Last, you can always bring a book. The airport has a number of food outlets where you can sit it out. The airport can be crowded so might not be too comfortable to wait.   Read a book, sleep, surf, whatever takes your fancy. 

There is a paid lounge at both terminals which you can use