Shrines, shrines, and more shrines are to be found in and around Osaka. Although the Japanese, as a whole, are either Buddhists or Shintoists, their common beliefs include the worship of their ancestors. Thus, in addition to temples, shrines are everywhere. Minoo Mountain, not far from Namba, is good place to hike, and examples of these family shrines can be seen along the way. 

Did you know that the Cup-of-Noodles company, Nissin, is located just outside of Osaka?  Visit the factory/museum, where you can add your choice of ingredients to the familiar styrofoam cup and create your very own Cup-of-Noodles meal. This is a fun experience, especially for kids.

If you need some greenery to offset the reds, yellows, and numerous other blazing neons of the city, go to Oizumi Park in Sakai. It's a large park with walking trails, a pond, and the usual amenities.

If you're traveling with the family, take your little monkeys to Monkey Park in Arashiyama. At the end of the hike is a hilltop park for resting and seeing a nice view, while on the way are monkeys galore, which can be seen playing and eating. Photos are OK, but don't try to get too close, and especially, don't feed them, as they are well taken care of by park personnel. By the way, monkeys are venerated as deities and worshiped within the Japanese Buddhist tradition.