Renting a car while in Kyoto is possible, but in reality it is just not worth it. The cost of the rental car alone is extremely expensive, and then you have to take into account the price of gas, road tolls where you drive, as well as the traffic of the city itself. For a foreigner visiting the country, you will find that it is quite difficult to navigate in the city. Not all of the areas are well-equipped for visitors who choose to drive. If you get lost, you will really be on your own because you could wind up in an unfamiliar area and no one could speak English. Filling up the tank just once could also cost you about 8,000-10,000 Yen. Taxis are a bit more practical while visiting Kyoto. There are taxis all over the city, and the general rate they charge is between 500-600 Yen for the first two kilometers, and 80 Yen per 280 meters after that. Most of the drivers will not speak English, but some speak enough to be able to understand where you are trying to go. You should also try to learn a few kew phrases before you go. The meters are in clear sight and so there is no issue of being scammed by the driver. They are also highly skilled because they had to pass a hard test to be taxi drivers, and in some taxi companies English training is provided. The cabs are clean and safe, and you can even use a credit card to pay now.