One of the best times to visit Kyoto, and Japan for that matter, is in the fall during the foliage season. On average, the leaves in the Kyoto area start to change colors at the end of October and the middle of November. It is truly amazing to see Japanese temples, many of which are set in the lush foresty hills, in the kaleidoscope of fall colors. The contrast of the bright yellow and scarlet leaves and the blue sky just adds to the romance.

The temperature is mild and pleasant, and it can range from 12°C to 20°C (around 50°F to 70°F). The days are sunny, and the rainy season is long gone (Japan's summers are considered as a wet season) with its humidity and heat. At night, the temperature drops, though not drastically, so do come prepared for colder evenings. The foliage season is considered a high season for travellers, so you are better off making reservations in advance.