Stepping out of Kyoto Station, your eyes immediately trail to a long needle-point tower, and for a moment, you think you’re in Seattle.  But then a bus-tour salesman comes up to you speaking in rapid Japanese breaking your trance.  This is Kyoto: the old imperial capital of Japan. 

You step away from the salesman and walk to the street corner.  When the light changes, and the musical song played from the crossing-sign begins to play, you begin your trek into one of Japan’s best travel spots.  After spending time walking around, shopping, and enjoying REAL Japanese cuisines you won’t find back home, you turn the corner and see buried between high-rise towers, a 400 year-old Buddhist temple.

That’s the beauty of this historic city: a wonderful mix of modernism coupled with the preservation of its historic roots.  It’s not too big, and most definitely not too small.  Whether you’re looking for shopping, history, nightlife, or just trying to enjoy the fascinating Japanese culture, you’ll be sure to find it in Kyoto. 

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