The nightlife in Hiroshima is not as good as many other large Japanese cities, so you may have to hunt a little to find a good nightclub or bar. Nagarekawa is the main entertainment (and red-light) district, so head there first. Mac is a small discotheque that is open very late, though they do not always have the latest music. Also try Quattro, a chain that has outlets in several large Japanese cities. This performance venue attracts local musicians, and since the club is fairly small, you are guaranteed a decent view of the band. If you want to do some singing yourself as well, head over to one of the karaoke bars; LeNon and Marlene are good places to start.

There are a large number of shopping centers in Hiroshima, so browsing the stores at night can be a good way to pass the evening. Hondori (Main Street) is one of the busiest shopping streets in the city. This downtown location remains quite lively late into the night as people wander through the large malls that line the street. For an all day ice cream or a full meal, try the popular Mont Blanc Cafe on Ebisu Street (open 7 days a week for the past 54 years). Another place that young people (under 30) like to hang out is Tokyu Hands, a department store that caters to 20-somethings with funky decorations and costumes, movie cinemas and restaurants.