Mount Moiwa - Sapporo's Ski Slope

Staying in Sapporo and fancy a ski? You don't need to go out by bus to one of the big, faraway ski areas - right above the city is a small ski area that's popular with local kids and seniors. Low key and friendly - perfect for first timers.


Subway and Bus

  1. Take Nanboku Line (green) south from Odori to Makomonai, the last station. Takes about 20 mins.
  2. From the subway exit, cross the road on the right and walk straight to the bus stops down the slope.
  3. The Moiwa Ski Jo bus stops half way down the slope, it is covered with animal can't miss it!
  4. Dec. and March - On the half hour from 8.30 to 12.30. January and February - Morning hours as in Dec. and March, plus on the half hour 1.30 until 4.30 pm. Cost: Y250 one way. Takes 15 minutes.


Any city taxi will go to "Moiwa Ski Jo". About Y1,500-2,000. Takes about 30 mins from Odori.


Ski Set: Skis, boots and poles - Y3,500 for 3 hours

Clothes set - Y3,000 (But it is never REALLY cold here, jeans, sweater, jacket and gloves are ok).


Lift and Lunch pack - Y3,400.

Lifts for 3 hours Y2,200

12 times lift use  Y3,000

1 time lift use  Y300


Beginners: To the left of the ski center is a kids play area for walking around on the skis. If you walk up the far right of the ski area you'll find a gentle slope. If you go up the first chair lift - turn right at the top for the easiest slope.

Mid-beginners: Up the first chair lift and left or right for the wide open family course. Or take either of the next two lifts up and get to the ridge along the top of Moiwa. In summer this is the access road, in winter a gentle, winding course with city views.

Intermediates: There are a couple of short runs off the top ridge. Much more challenging is the ungroomed course on the far right of the ski area.

More info:

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